Mystery Shopping for Fast Food Restaurants

Mystery Customer is the flagship Fast Food Restaurant Mystery Shopping company in Australia, specialising in Mystery Shopping for the Food and Beverage Service Industries.

We have a broad range of trained, experienced mystery shoppers in Australia and New Zealand. They can be segmented via location, age, gender, and education.

We tailor surveys to client needs using state-of-the-art software. We can produce online reports by individual locations, regions, and state, and national levels. We can measure trends and improvements over time.

Happy clients include fast food chains, hotels, and pubs.

We specialise in:

  • Cafes and coffee shops
  • Fast food outlets and franchises
  • Fine dining restaurants
  • Sports venues and events
  • RSL and bowling clubs

Mystery Shopping can be of enormous value to operators of fast food outlets in helping them to ensure consistently high standards in every area that is important to their customers.

Our mystery shopping solutions for the restaurant and food industry looks at key moments within the customer journey to help you understand and evaluate a range of factors. We ensure that you maximise your business and sales potential with greater insights into maintaining a high level of customer service in the food services industry.

With our extensive experience, each insights program that we deliver is made to measure to fit the requirements of your particular food or drinks business.

How we conduct fast-food mystery shopping visits

Mystery shopping is extremely valuable to fast-food and QSR restaurant owners, helping to ensure consistently high standards in all areas that are important to their customers.

Customers at fast food restaurants typically have basic expectations such as:

  • They expect their employees to be courteous, friendly, and efficient. 
  • They expect the food itself to be prepared/delivered quickly and/or served according to the information provided when ordering. 
  • They expect food to be prepared in a sanitary environment and that serving and seating areas are clean and tidy. 
  • They expect their food to be prepared to a high and, importantly, consistent standard. 

Depending on the situation, customers may or may not have expectations about the source of their ingredients or the use of fresh ingredients, but the above expectations are nearly universal.

Customer service, cleanliness, and consistency are extremely important, and serious deficiencies in any of these areas can cause your fast food business to lose potential repeat customers.

Mystery shopping for fast-food, quick-service restaurants, and drive-through restaurants provides a professional and well-executed mystery shopping program giving a unique and objective perspective of the customer experience while keeping your staff on their toes.

Our highly experienced and trained mystery shoppers visit your restaurant posing as customers or diners, follow your scenario and inspection guidelines and report back in great detail from the customer’s point of view.

Our mystery shopping program clients include fast food chains, hotels, RSL clubs and pubs.

The benefits you get from Mystery Shopping for Fast Food Restaurants

Mystery Customer specialises in helping fast food restaurants measure and improve their customer experience both in-person and online ordering.

  • Measurement of customer service quality, performance, and quality standards
  • Gaining insight into employee performance, customer experience and satisfaction, and overall brand perception from a customer perspective
  • Successfully engage new customers and ensure customer loyalty
  • Identify processes or practices that are complicated or difficult for the customer to understand and determine whether the standards are important to the customer.

We can help you devise a suitable mystery shopping campaign that helps identify areas for improvement.

If you would like to find out more or see our reporting platform in action why not contact us? Our experienced food and beverage mystery shopping experts will be happy to support you.

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