Mystery Shopping for the Fitness Industry

If you own or manage a health club or gym, you’ve probably realised that great customer service is necessary for running a successful business.

Signing up for a gym membership can be a large financial commitment, and choosing a gym membership can be a more difficult decision to make, with both the cost and quality of the overall service an important consideration.

In this competitive market, ensure that you are on top of your Customer Experience and are rising above the competition.

Mystery Customer can help to ensure that your gym can convert and retain new members effectively.

As a mystery shopping provider, we have over 20 years of experience working with businesses across a wide range of industries. Our team of secret shoppers can provide honest and constructive feedback about various interactions they have had with different businesses.

Health and fitness centre mystery shopping

Building a strong relationship with your gym members can help to increase attendance among members and get them involved in regular fitness classes.

These ongoing communications can dramatically increase member visits thereby increasing the customer lifetime value of your members.

A typical mystery member gym program might include:

  • New gym member consultation process
  • Phone inquiry appraisal – were they offered a free trial or a tour?
  • Highlight areas for improvement
  • New Member guided tours feedback
  • Initial visits, training inductions, and advice based on clients’ preferred health and fitness objectives.
  • Relationship building within the trial offer period.
  • Membership advisor assessments

How is Mystery Shopping used in gyms and fitness centres?

Mystery Shopping in the fitness industry often focuses on new membership inquiries and may include a guided tour or sales presentation.

Every aspect of the prospect’s experience in this area can be covered in detail, from an initial inquiry to any follow-up activity. Reports based on these experiences can quickly help identify ways to increase conversions of inquiries and tours into paying memberships.

The remit can be expanded to include a limited trial period, to help gauge staff performance in relevant areas, overall standards, and customer experiences. These things can be looked at in much more detail via Mystery Shopping than by other methods like customer surveys.

Mystery Shopping can also be carried out on the basis of a normal member visit, to monitor overall service standards, and cleanliness and establish the experience of a normal paying member.

In-person, report-based Mystery Shopping is commonly used in the fitness industry. Telephone Mystery Shopping can help evaluate how initial inquiries are dealt with and how effectively these are turned into visits or tours.

The benefits of Mystery Shopping for gyms and health clubs

Conducting mystery shopping is particularly useful for the health and fitness sector which relies on consumers to pay a monthly membership. It is crucial in this industry to continuously deliver exceptional customer service otherwise you risk losing members. When your business needs members to return month after month in order to be profitable, mystery gym audits aren’t something that should be overlooked.

By enlisting the help of the Mystery Customer team, you can make sure your members are satisfied with the overall experience you provide and they’re happy to continue paying for their membership.

You can also ensure that you’re doing all you can to attract new members too and that you’re making sure no part of your customer journey is letting you down. Ultimately, working alongside a mystery shopping company is a brilliant way to ensure your business remains successful, competitive, and profitable.

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